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Superintendent’s Cabinet

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  • Accounting
    Assists schools with internal checking account functions; assists overall budgetary cash flow relative to the issuance of Tax Anticipation Notes; assists the District in meeting its cash flow needs.
  • Accounts Payable
    Responsible for the legally-documented and correct payments to federal and non-federal vendors.
  • Budget
    Responsible for assisting the Chief Financial Officer in the redaction of the annual "all funds" budgets; periodic reporting functions, informal training sessions, budget monitoring throughout the year, and completion of our annual external audit by the State Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA).
  • Payroll
    Responsible for bi-monthly payments to our 13,000+ employees. Also, garnishments, payroll-related support, and verifying accurate compensation & benefits.
  • Purchasing
    Responsible for purchasing process workflow, travel approval process, vendor reporting of cumulative earned amounts, solicitation of construction and non-construction purchasing, and contract extensions.
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  • Applications Development
    Committed to the design, development, implementation and integration of computer information systems in support of our mission and goals.
  • Enterprise Systems
    Comprised of Desktop Support, Enterprise Applications, and Infrastructure & Security – all working together to provide world-class solutions and services to meet our community’s technology needs.
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  • Business Services
    The Business Services Department provides effective and efficient business accounting, contract management, personnel administration, warehouse logistics, printing/copying/mail services, transportation budget planning and bus driver payroll management, and buildings/grounds maintenance of the district central office.
  • Design & Construction
    This Division establishes all design guidelines and educational specifications for the construction of school facilities and also procures architectural/engineering and general contracting services for select projects, reviews construction documents for completeness and correctness, and provides project management and fiscal oversight for every project within the Capital Improvements Program (CIP).
  • Facilities Management
    The Facilities Management unit provides oversight services for planning, capital improvements, and facility maintenance.
    The Facilities Maintenance staff provides maintenance services led by heating and air conditioning specialists, audio-visual technicians, electricians, equipment mechanics, plumbers, welders, mechanical shop technicians, locksmiths, pest control, abatement technicians, roofing specialists, landscapers, grounds-keepers, and energy management specialists.
  • Transportation Operations
    The mission of the Department of Transportation is to provide safe, professional, and efficient transportation for students to and from school; and all extracurricular activities and school-related events. This work directly supports the teaching and learning instructional program for the success of the school district. Providing safe, reliable, on-time service requires professional drivers, well-maintained buses and a competent support and management staff. The Department manages 945 buses and 850 drivers to transport more than 65,000 students on a daily basis.
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  • Office of Legal Affairs
    The mission of the Office of Legal Affairs (OLA) is to assist the Superintendent with management of the legal services program and to provide a forum to ensure that all Board of Education policies, as well as federal and state laws and regulations are followed. The goal is to provide expeditious and professional customer service to DeKalb County School District employees, students, parents, and community stakeholders, regarding any complaint, controversy, or request for assistance.
  • Risk Management
    Employees who sustain an on-the-job injury must report their injury immediately to their direct supervisor and bookkeeper. All injured employees must complete an Employee Accident Report and Authorization to Physician Form upon reporting their injury. In addition, the injured employee must select a physician from the DCSD’s posted panel of physicians to treat them following an accident.
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