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School Social Work

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  • Overview

    School social work is a specialized area of practice in the broad field of social work. Many of the economic, educational, and social challenges in the families of school-aged children have increased over the years, thus expanding the scope of service provided by the school social worker.

    School Social Workers

    • function as a link between the home, school, and community by bringing people together to promote the educational success of students;
    • intervene when there is a social, familial, or economic challenge that impacts the learning process of students;
    • strengthen students’ learning opportunities, achievements, and socio-emotional functioning by providing the following services:
    • assisting families in identifying community services and resources
    • providing casework services to students who have problems adjusting to school
    • facilitating individual and group support sessions
    • consulting with teachers, administrators, and parents regarding classroom behavior, school policies, and procedures affecting student performance
    • acting as mandated reporters of suspected child abuse
    • participating in a team response to suicidal statements made by students
    • participating in crisis intervention teams
    • coordinating with the solicitor general and the DeKalb Juvenile Court to uphold the Georgia compulsory school attendance law
    • serve on county and systemwide committees that help address attendance, behavioral and emotional well being of students and child fatalities.

    The Homeless program assists students and parents who meet the criteria under the McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act defining them as homeless by:

    • facilitating the identification of homeless students;
    • insuring that homeless students are immediately enrolled;
    • resolving any disputes between the school and the parent;
    • arranging for school transportation or, when feasible, providing Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) “Breeze Cards;”
    • providing funds for the purchase of school band uniforms, cheerleading fees, junior and senior dues, educational field trips, and rental of musical instruments;
    • providing school supplies;
    • providing funds for school required immunizations and vision, hearing, and dental screenings;

    Any student attending a DeKalb County school is eligible for social work services. To obtain the assistance of the school social worker, a written referral can be made by lead teachers, counselors, assistant principals, and principals.

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