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Psychological Services

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  • Overview

    Psychological Services provides services to help maximize the academic potential and social and emotional well-being of students through the practices of effective consultations, comprehensive evaluations, and the development of prevention and intervention techniques with students, school personnel, and parents. School psychologists will provide services in an environment that fosters dignity, acceptance, and respect for individual differences.

    Psychological Services provides services to all students. The primary role of the school psychologist is to improve students’ educational opportunities. Through direct contact and consultations with parents, teachers, administrators, and students, the school psychologist identify learning weaknesses, emotional issues, or other problems that may prevent students from making progress in school. School psychologists recommend ways for the home and the school to meet the students’ needs.

    School psychologists work directly with students in many ways—individual evaluations, individual and or group counseling, crisis management, and/or social skills training. Training programs and educational programs on a myriad of subjects are also available for parents and teachers.

    Psychological Services also provides individual evaluations for students in the DeKalb County School District. All referrals for psychological evaluations come through the schools’ Student Support Teams (SST) or, if the student is receiving special education services, through the student’s individualized educational program (IEP). The evaluations provide valuable information used for determining the educational needs of students.

    Contact Psychological Services at 678.676.1813 with any questions or concerns regarding available services or for additional information. Together, local school staff and the psychologists can make school and home better places for students to learn and grow.